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Apr 4, 2013

Beaded Baby Booties with Crochet Thread Part 2

Beaded Crochet Baby Booties with Crochet Thread Part 2

For Part 1 go to link below:

In Oct. of 2012 I listed some tips on beading baby booties. With the tips you can bead anything.

                       Beaded Crochet Baby Booties with Crochet Thread
                       Crochet Tip with free sole pattern
 Here I'm going to share with you that the patterns that you see for the beaded baby booties can be found in crochet books at Wal mart and Jo anns. You just need to add the beads first before you start crocheting.
You can buy a book at Wal Mart for less then $5.00. By the way the books come with about 8 patterns or more I think with all types of booties including the one that looks like what you see pictured.
But I made my patterns up where you don't need to cut the thread you just keep working the bootie.
You can, also buy the bow flower already done from the store. I make my own, it takes time to do this.  
Here you can see some that I have made from the patterns that where made by me, just click the link above to see the pictures.

 Here is a link to see the tips on beading:


NEWBORN 7.8 cm / 3”
3 MONTHS 8.9 cm / 3.5”
6 MONTHS 10 cm / 4”
9 MONTHS 11 cm / 4.5”
12 MONTHS 13 cm / 5”

Links: More terms go to:

For tips:

DIRECTIONS: Thread on half of the beads before starting, about 75 for one bootie. (I thread enough for both.)

Working bead trimming
For tips:

May use one of the trims listed.
Used for the Pink booties as listed.
Top of shoe: ch3, hdc, bead in front of hook, slst, Repeat. Slst, to bottom of hdc. Finish off.

Bottom of shoe: With the sole facing away from you, slst to the heel of sole where stitches are raised. *Ch3, sc bead in front of hook, sc.* *Repeat.* slst in bottom of sc. Finish off.

PDF Pattern Here

Ribbon for Ties
Ribbon for ties: Cut 2 at 10”, with a wood burner or use sewing glue on ends. Weave in and out of the shoe where you made the triple chain 1 spaces.
Ribbon for bow: Cut 10 at 2”. Use 5 and fold in half, sew the 5 to make a flower bow. Sew beads in center as pictured. Sew to shoes.

More Pattern links: