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Oct 23, 2012

Beaded Crochet Baby Sandals Booties with Crochet Thread Part 1

Crochet Tip with free Sole pattern
Baby Booties Crochet Beaded Baby Booties/sandals, Baby prop by Kelly Taylor

This is not a link for a pattern. This link is for a pair of Baby Beaded Sandals.

Here are some links
 for Baby booties

Here is link for Pattern
You can find Pattern here:

Tip for beading 
This is a pattern tip for Beaded Baby booties.
You can take any pattern and add beads to it. The easiest way is to add the beads on the yarn or thread first, by using a bead needle that has a very long hole in through it.

For any baby booties pattern you are going to start with the sole of the booties.
For crochet thread #10 you chain 20 to 22 chains using a #7 steel hook 1.65mm.
This will make a small 0-6 months, if you are a tit crocheter they will be 0-3 months. Use a hook that will make a bigger stitch for a larger booties or add more chains to start the booties.
**Note: you will have to keep pushing the beads down on the thread or yarn until you need them.
*Remember to add 3 chains that will count as your first stitch, dc in the 4th stitch from hook. Dc to the end and make 5 dc in the last stitch. Working on the other side of chain dc to other end. This will be where you started, in last stitch with the first chain make 4 dc. Slip stitch
*In the next round you will make a dc in each single dc and 2 dc in each dc at the ends where the 5 dc are from the last round. Slip stitch
*In the next round you are going to dc in each single dc and in the spaces that have 2 dc work in each one a pattern of *(2 dc in the first dc, 1 dc in the next)* repeat this in each space that has 2 dc from the last round do the same at the other end. *make this centered around the ends* Slip stitch
*In this round you will dc in each stitch. Slip stitch
*Work around the back of the post from last round. Slip stitch (this will be the first row of the upper shoe)
*Chain 3 dc in each stitch and sl st.
Sole made with first 2 rows of the upper shoe.
You can use this sole for any type of shoe you wish to make.
Bead Tip: To place a bead, slide a bead in front of the hook all the way to last stitch made. Make your next stitch. *(or you can push the bead up to the last stitch and make a chain, to hold the bead where you want it).
Custom, Crocheted Beaded Baby Booties Sandals for Baby Girl or Baby Boy custom orders, newborn photo prop
For the bead on the bottom of the shoe you will do this after you end the top of shoe and finish off. Slip stitch to the back of the sole (heel away from you) where stitches are raised up start your stitches with beads around the sole. I do a chain 3, hdc, bead, sl st, repeat (one stitch in each space).
*I all so use a chain 3, sc, bead sc, chain 3.

For a full PDF download pattern you can get one here.

I do have my own patterns.

Two patterns plus one.

The photos are not in order. Should help you if you bought the book from walmart or pattern from another source.

Pattern link below:

For a PDF download use link below.