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Psalm 107:1

Feb 10, 2012

Crocodile Stitch crochet Pattern

Will, I started to make this hat with the crocodile stitch and had to change it to a ear warmer. I lost my place in the pattern that I was writing and where I was at on the hat, LOL.
Tip: Don't started on new pattern when things are getting bizzy for you. Christmas time was a bizzy time for me. We where going to family dinners and trying to get our own family together too. That, was not the right time to design a new pattern. You can in the photo what I did get done.
I have start all over with a new color and pattern, now if I can just stick to it, LOL. Really it's a easy stitch to pick up. Here I will show you with some photos.

Pattern: Crocodile Ear Warmer Stitch
Pattern starts with a foundation. First, ch 78, sl st in first ch to form circle, ch 2 in same spaces, hdc in each ch st around, sl st in the top of ch 3.
Row 1: Ch 4,* skip 2 sts, 2 dc in 3rd st, ch 1, skip 2 sts,1 dc, st in 3rd st, ch 1* repeat around sl st in ch 3. 
* Working around the first dc post (of the first 2 dc in same space) work 5fpdc, ch 1, working on the next dc post work 5 fpdc around post, sl st in the top of next dc* (one scale made) Repeat**. Note the 2 dc that are in the same space are the posts you are going to be working around fpdc = front post double crochet.

Photo of foundation:

This is the a photo of the foundation. Next you will a photo of the front of the scale fpdc stitch and what it looks like from the back side.
Next photo views.                                                                                   Back view.
Front view, first crocodile scale.
Row 2: In the sl st space ch 4, dc in same st, ch 1. * dc in center of crocodile scale ch 1, 2 dc in between the two scales ch 1,* Repeat. ** sl st in 3rd ch of ch 4 to join row.

Now you are going to work around post of the two dc that are in the same st. 5 fpdc, ch 1,5 fpdc on dc post sl st in top of single dc, scale made. repeat around.
The front will look the the first photo and back side will look like this second photo.
Keep working this pattern to you have 4 rows of scales and then hdc in each st around for the last row. If you want a wider ear warmer then make more rows before you fo the hdc row.